InterUniversity Testing Consortium

The Interuniversity Testing Consortium (IUTC) is composed of several test experts working at different university language centres in Flanders (i.e. the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium):

IUTC develops, administers and assesses exams linked to the Common European Framework (CEF). We have created a course-independent examination system, in which exams are carried out and evaluated according to standard units. It is our aim to develop tests that are based on an extensive pre-testing phase, in which the validity and reliability of the test have thoroughly been examined. IUTC offers two exams: ITNA (Dutch) and ITACE (English).



The ITNA (Interuniversitaire Taaltest Nederlands voor Anderstaligen, Interuniversity Test of Dutch for Speakers of Other Languages) serves as a university admission test: students who achieve at least a B2-level according to the CEF can enrol at university and university colleges. The test is an objective measuring tool that reliably shows whether the testee meets the language criteria of higher education.The testee first takes a digital test with different question types (e.g. multiple choice questions, gap-fill questions, dictations, ordering questions) that assess language in use, reading and listening. Afterwards, testees who passed the computertest take an oral test, which comprises a presentation and an argumentation task.


The Interuniversity Test of Academic English (ITACE) is an English language proficiency test  covering CEF levels B1 to C2.

The ITACE for Students was specifically developed for students in higher education. Participants can obtain a B1, B2, C1 or C2 certificate.  The ITACE for Lecturers was specifically developed for professors and lecturers who use English for teaching and/or research purposes. Participants can obtain a C1 certificate that is accepted by the Flemish Ministry of Education and all partner universities. The ITACE for CLIL teachers was developed for secondary school teachers in CONTENT and LANGUAGE INTEGRATED LEARNING programmes. Participants can obtain a C1 certificate that is accepted by the Flemish Ministry of Education.