Privacy policy of the Interuniversity Testing Consortium (IUTC)

The Interuniversity Testing Consortium (IUTC) acknowledges the importance of respecting your privacy. Therefore, it makes every effort to respect the Belgian and European legislation concerning data collection.

When you register, as well as when you complete the computer-based test, you will be asked to fill in your personal details (i.e. first name and last name, address, native language, country of origin, date/place of birth, age, gender and field of study/area of research). The IUTC collects and stores these data for registration and research purposes, as well as to communicate the test results to you. It will only pass this information on to third parties if it is required to do so by the government in accordance with current legislation, and it will take the necessary steps to prevent any abuse. You have the right to peruse this information or to have it removed. This can be requested by sending an email to the test centre where you completed the test.

The oral tests are recorded and the recordings are safely stored, as are the written tests.

Any test-related information may be used for research purposes and assessor training. If this is the case, all information will be made anonymous, so that test participants cannot be identified.

By registering, you confirm your agreement with these regulations.